Sunday, March 24, 2013

Postmark (redux): March 24, 1941

March 2013 came in like a lion and this morning looks as if it's going out like a snow leopard. To smooth the edges of early spring, here's a rerun from 2010 – about a gentle day, if not a gentle world.

*     *     *

Am going for a ride and expect to see this beautiful fountain.
– Woman's message on a postcard picturing the Meyer Circle fountain, addressed to Lincoln, Nebraska.
*     *     *
What could possibly ruin her expectations?

Probably not the weather – partly sunny and near 50 this Monday afternoon.

I suppose she could get sidetracked somehow, perhaps seduced by the pie-dough demonstration at the All-American Food Fair in Municipal Auditorium. Or delayed by the astrologer's advice: "Get deals done before 3:48 p.m."

Hunger could drive her to the 40-cent hot turkey sandwich at the Hotel Phillips. Or the 40-cent matinee – "Gone With the Wind" – could lure her to the Apollo Theater on Troost.

Maybe she'll succumb to the new fragrance advertised at Woolf Brothers ... as sweet and fresh as a field of wild flowers mingled with clover. Or the bodywork at Kline's beauty salon ... Reduce where you want to reduce! No tiresome diet necessary! No heat; no violent vibrations!

Might she linger too long in Swope Park? The zoo's white swans, Sigurd and Sigrid, are building a nest.

One thing is for certain: The warplanes won't stop her. They're dropping their payloads of death on London and Berlin, a world away from this beautiful fountain.

*     *     *