Friday, June 28, 2013

1940: 115 Brush Creek Boulevard

Another in a series of posts based on the tax reassessment photos of 1940. Learn more here.

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The filling station on Brush Creek Boulevard, just east of the Country Club Plaza, is typical of many "Red Crown" franchises across the Midwest affiliated with the Standard Oil Company of Indiana: brick with a red-tile roof.
The name refers to both the roof and the popular brand of gasoline the company dispenses from pumps topped with glass crowns.

"Red Crown" is the regular grade; there's also a budget brand and a high-octane, premium-priced brand. Standard promises that Red Crown is "High in anti-knock and loaded with carefree, thrifty miles." 
As the ads say: Today’s the day to join the millions of motorists whose theme song is “Let’s swing along with Standard!"
If you're swinging into Brush Creek Standard today for five gallons of Red Crown, you'll find Atlas brand accessories, free road maps, a clean rest room, and a glimpse of the construction going on next door. Workers are building a new drive-in style restaurant, named for the two small-town-Missouri  sisters who are opening it this fall: Winstead's.

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