Friday, January 15, 2016

Postmark: January 15, 1937

Friday morning arrives on a frigid northern breeze. Yesterday's storm has laid a fresh, two-inch blanket over the snow that fell last weekend but quickly turned sooty from coal smoke.

Jones advertises ice skates, sleds and wool ski caps. Adler's asks: Don't you think you'd better buy that fur coat now? and offers northern seal pelts dyed lustrous black. Ambrose & Company suggests a delivery of wine or champagne can Make being 'snowbound' a pleasure! Drug stores are pushing tissues and aspirin, liniments and nose drops. Don't cough your head off! Ask for Mentho-Mulsion.

Members of the Ministry of Gideons are arriving at the Hotel Bellerive today for their annual midwinter meeting. Presumably they'll be leaving some Bibles when they check out.

The Kansas City Cradle is holding open house to showcase its bright new headquarters at 43rd and Wornall and its new arrivals – 12 white baby boys and two girls – ready for adoption. On the other side of town, in a drafty room without heat shared by a family of five, a black baby girl dies of bronchial pneumonia. The coroner calls the place "unfit for human habitation." 

Snowball & Johnny, "the dancing demons," are performing at the Bowery club on 12th street. The State Line Tavern on Southwest Boulevard claims "Kansas City's Hottest Floor Show." The Hawthorn roadhouse out on Highway 40 promises a "Cozy and Warm" atmosphere.

A truck carrying 10 tons of coal arrives at 12th and Prospect. The driver slows to park as his partner opens the cab door and hops to the ground, slipping on ice and falling under the rear wheels of the still-moving machine. He tries to scream. "I told him to wait," the distraught driver tells police investigating the new year's 11th traffic death. "I told him I would stop as soon as we crossed Prospect."

A traveler remembers his mom back in Iowa. He buys a postcard – the Pioneer Mother statue in Penn Valley Park – and writes in pencil:

Fri morn 
Dear Mother
I got here at 8 o'clock and will wait here till tomorrow and leave at 10 o'clock. 
There is quite a lot of snow here and quite cold.

The high temperature today is 14. Too cold for Mrs. Thomas J. Pendergast. She's making plans to depart for several weeks in Arizona. Boss Tom is expected to join her later. Tomorrow should be warmer, near 20, after Harold leaves.

*     *     *